Tenuta Moriniello - The territory

Tenuta Moriniello was born in Montaione , a small village in the heart of Tuscany surrounded by hills and woods, immersed in a naturalistic context of boundless beauty. This wonderful territory, which has always been in balance between nature and the careful work of man, has allowed the creation of great wines, famous and appreciated throughout the world, since ancient times.

The soils of Tenuta Moriniello are mainly of sedimentary origin, composed of marly calcareous clays. Among the prevalent types we find Chianti alberese, sandstone, clay, and schists such as galestro .

Our vineyards, which extend over an area of ​​approximately 20 hectares, are characterized by steep slopes at an altitude between 280 and 450 meters above sea level. On average we find plants of 5,500 vines per hectare . The production per hectare is very limited, around 30 Hl , for a total production of a maximum of 550-600 Hl of wine.

The composition of the land, the variety and combination of different soils, factors such as altitude and exposure to the sun, combined with the climate of the region give balance in the alcoholic and phenolic components and longevity, intense and varied aromas and olfactory sensations contributing significantly to the uniqueness of our wines.

Come and discover a land that will leave you breathless!