Mission e Vision

The world we live in without values ​​has no future !

We have always embraced the challenge of producing in a more natural way, without the use of synthetic chemicals in order to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity, convinced not only that this model is able to guarantee products with the highest quality standards but also that the search for sustainability is the only way to guarantee a better future for our children and for those who will inhabit this planet after them.

An Amerindian proverb stated: " The Earth is not an inheritance received from our fathers, but rather a loan to be repaid to our children". After centuries, this concept has become very distant from the customs of the society in which we live.

We are convinced that the development of a responsible and sustainable agriculture model is no longer just necessary, but must become an essential investment , for this reason Tenuta Moriniello has developed an integrated process through which every action must be socially fair, safe and sustainable for the environment, innovative while maintaining the values ​​of tradition and excellent quality.

We have named our model Responsible Bio System, because we feel the responsibility to actively contribute through our work to reducing environmental impact. We strive every day to improve our cultivation system, reducing water consumption, the use of chemicals, waste production and carbon emissions.

Every time the logic of price wins over that of ethics our society suffers a defeat!

The cost of sustainable agriculture certainly has an impact on sales prices, and this is immediately visible on the shelves of wine shops or on restaurant wine lists. However, we are convinced that we cannot continue to turn it onto the shoulders of our children, putting off until tomorrow choices and strategies that are already necessary today. This is why we work to promote culture in the world of wine and are committed to helping customers make more informed choices .

This is the Vision of Tenuta Moriniello.

This is what we do every day for the well-being of our consumers.