Growth, Passion and Taste: Our Projects for the New Year at Tenuta Moriniello

Dear friends and customers of Tenuta Moriniello,

We start this new year with enthusiasm, sharing with you our projects and objectives that we have carefully planned. Our estate, located in Montaione, near the charming village of San Gimignano, is preparing for a year full of challenges and successes.

Balanced Fertilization: The Key to Success

  • We will continue to implement balanced fertilization practices with the use of organic fertilizers and natural products. A constant commitment to guarantee the healthy growth of our vineyards.

Regular pruning: Balance between Production and Vegetation

  • From the end of January to March, we will dedicate ourselves to regular pruning to balance the relationship between grape production and vegetation. Keeping the vineyard ventilated is essential for the health of the plants and the quality of our product.

De-suckering and reopening of the Locanda del Gobbo Nero

  • In March, with the budding of the vines, the desuckering operations will begin.
    At the same time, March 21st will mark the reopening of our beloved " La Locanda del Gobbo Nero " , which this year will also offer delicious fish-based dishes.

Soil Management: Nourishing Land for Excellent Grapes

  • From April to September, we will carefully manage the soil of the vineyard, working to control the vigor of the vines and improve the quality of the grapes. Healthy soil is the basis for high-quality wine.

Green Pruning: Summer Work for Perfect Bunches

  • During the summer months, green pruning will be the center of our attention. Operations such as trimming, peeling and topping will ensure that the bunches receive optimal light for perfect ripening.

Manual thinning: Quality first

  • Between June and July, we will carry out a delicate manual thinning of the bunches. This selective and careful practice will allow us to guarantee the production of high quality grapes and to follow our production philosophy.

Phytosanitary Treatments: Safety for Our Vineyards

  • From the beginning of May to August, we will carefully apply the necessary phytosanitary treatments to protect our vineyards from parasites, with particular attention in the critical months of May and June.

We are excited to share every step of this journey with you, and we thank you for your continued support and love.

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