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Glass cruet of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Glass cruet of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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An icon of class and elegance, which combines the unique design of our blown glass ampoule with the unmistakable quality of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained only from organically grown olives.

We take care of our 900 olive trees, which surround our vineyards, without resorting to synthetic products, be they chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The result is unique and genuine, the result of a very limited and valuable production which closes its cycle with the harvesting of the olives by hand and their cold pressing.

Our extra virgin olive oil enhances the flavors of both traditional and modern dishes on the palate. Its taste is an unforgettable journey through intense, decisive, enveloping, powerful and rich flavours.

Product Information


Organic oil produced with superior category olives grown according to organic farming, exclusively hand-picked directly from the olive tree.

The olive varieties are Moraiole, Frantoie and Pendoline.

Type of Land

Clayey, sandy and calcareous soil

Type of Processing

The olives are exclusively harvested by hand and taken to the press immediately after harvesting. The pressing takes place strictly cold, this allows us to produce an oil with very low acidity as well as giving better conservation.

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: Its clear chromatic shades of intense green illuminated by warm reflections of golden yellow captivate the eyes.

Perfume: enveloping and intriguing, with fragrant aromas and fruity hints of fennel, artichoke, hay, almond, aromatic herbs such as mint, rosemary and sage.

Taste: Unmistakable taste, full and characterful on the palate, warm and fruity, with a velvety consistency, with a light spicy aftertaste, almond, green apple and aromatic herbs.

Gastronomic pairings

Raw, it is a tasty and highly aromatic natural condiment, perfect for seasoning dishes based on legumes and vegetables. Absolutely worth trying on grilled meat, fish and carpaccio!