Tenuta Moriniello - Who we are

The past and the future

The family business was born from the dream of two brothers, Tania and Luigi , inherited from their father Beniamino : the dream turned into a project when the two brothers asked them to realize it. Beniamino's passion for wine, his love for nature, passed on to his children, and his entrepreneurial talent gave life to " Tenuta Moriniello ".

The love for challenges and dedication to work determined the drive to acquire the property, which has now become Tenuta Moriniello, and since every change arises from in-depth knowledge of the origins , the family has established a precious collaboration with the previous ownership and with the its winemaker with the aim of keeping the link with tradition alive, while keeping an eye towards the future .

Our values

We have always embraced the challenge of producing in a more natural way, without the use of chemicals summary in order to protect the ecosystem and the biodiversity, convinced not only that this model is able to guarantee products from higher quality standards but also that the search for sustainability is the only way to guarantee a better future for our children and for those who will inhabit this planet after them.

An Amerindian proverb stated: " The Earth is not an inheritance received from our fathers, but rather a loan to be repaid to our children" centuries later this concept has become very distant from the customs of the society in which we live.

We are convinced that the development of a model of responsible agriculture And sustainable , is no longer just necessary, but must become an essential investment , for this reason Tenuta Moriniello has developed an integrated process through which every action must be socially fair, safe and sustainable for the environment, innovative while maintaining strong the values ​​of tradition and excellent quality.